Participate through our wrap around options.

Engage with your community for a season.

Own the hope that is possible for our community through the love of Jesus Christ.


​​$30,000  60 individuals/families per year to go through classes over 3 semesters

$12,000  For trained Resource Coordinator to field calls, conduct interviews, encourage, pray with callers.

​The Journey Forward is our opportunity to change lives not only today but for their families future!

Each class takes an area of life (Parenting, Money, Emotions, overall Health) and looks at it with God's word being the basis of each lesson.

  •  Four semesters of Journey Forward classes where we bring truth, love, and knowledge to peoples lives.
  • Gas card or Bus tokens that make it possible for them to get to the next weeks class.
  • Class folders, updates and preparation.
  • Food and class site expenses.
  • Growth of new and requested classes that bring wholeness to every part  of the family.

Prayerfully consider how you can:

How does your support bring hope?

Each Student Year Costs about $500/student

Manage Your Money


Healthy Emotions

Pathway to Inner Healing

Healthy Living / Self IMAGE

So, What Does This Equate To?